How Anger is bad for the body and brain:


Anger is the most common problem which affects all people. Anger is an entirely normal emotion of a human being it should be controlled but if it does not, it may produce many problems in your life. It can also destroy your love life, family, career, and among your friends.


Anger is the opposite emotion that is formed in response to your actions or thoughts which you will not accept. Like other emotional responses, anger is bad for your body and brain health such as increased body temperature, increased heartbeat, and high blood pressure.

Changes in body and brain due to Anger:

When we get angry there are certain changes occur in our bodies which change a lot of things in our bodies. There are some biological changes in our body which are given below:

Increased high blood pressure

Increased heart rate

Raised voice

High release of hormones

Increased body temperature

Clenched fist

What are the causes of anger?

There are many causes which are behind anger issues such as prolonged abusive behavior of your loved ones and people who surround you, family issues, financial problems, prolonged diseases, continuous failures in life, etc. There are some more causes of anger are also given below:



 Anger may be a symptom or reaction of depression. When there is no way to express a feeling or talk to someone it may be many chances that your depression turns into anger.

Alcoholic addict:

Too much alcohol consumption may lead to violent behavior which is also another tunnel toward anger. Research shows that drinking alcohol in an excessive amount triggers anger issues.


Sadness is another cause of anger. Sadness comes from a death of a loved one or losing something which is so much close to your heart. Other symptoms of sadness include:



Guilt of loneliness

Bad effects of Anger on the Body and brain:

As described above anger cause physical and internal effects on your body because sometimes it may cause some serious damage to your health which risks your health. There are some other effects are given below:


 When people are in prolonged anger habit, it causes a very common headache problem. Headache is caused by pain receptors and any stimulus which triggers pain receptors results in a headache form. Pain receptors are stimulated by stress.


 Insomnia is a symptom. It is the state of the problem in which a person faces a lack of sleep cycles or not getting proper sleep. Every one-third of the people in a population face that problem. It is commonly formed when a person is disturbed by something or thinks too much about an irrelevant matter.

High-Blood pressure:

High blood pressure which is so common When a person gets angry, the heart pumps the blood faster which triggers pressure on the arteries. Due to this pressure high blood pressure forms which again acts as a silent killer for you and drags you in the serious health issue

Heart attack risk:

Due to anger issues your heartbeat increases which increases blood flows in the arteries. If these arteries are not getting blood and are blocked by cholesterol, it forms pressure on the walls of the heart which causes a heart attack.


Eczema is characterized by dry, itchy inflammatory skin disease. Anger is the most common thing which triggers eczema. When you are stressed your body releases a high amount of cortisol hormone in your blood, due to which your skin becomes an abnormal release of oil on the skin which starts eczema skin problems.


Anxiety is a mental disorder and its symptoms are increased heart rate, sweating, panic attacks, and nervousness. Anxiety is one of the triggers associated with anger. A person having an anxiety disorder can easily get frustrated which leads to anger.

High stroke risk:

There is a high risk of a stroke attack if one has anger issues. The angry situation increases the heart rate which causes the high blood circulation in the body and the brain through which it may damage minute nerves and bleeding forms, which causes stroke attack.

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