How to control your anger

Anger is the most general emotion that affects all people. Anger is the result of every emotion that is against your nature. Anger is a completely normal emotion of a human being it can be controlled in a smart way but if it does not, it may show adverse effects in your life. According to statista.com in 2018 every third US people between 15 and 29 age in the USA are suffering from stress or anger issues and half of them are worried about their future. It can also create a bad impact on your love life, family, workplace, and businesses. But it has to be controlled if you want to live your life normal because anger is bad for your body and brain

There are 14 ways to control your anger which are given below:

Tips to control your anger

1) Drink Water:

When you are angry, your body temperature rises which causes your blood pressure to shoot. It can also raise your heartbeat. Try drinking water in this situation to control your anger and keep down your body temperature slowly, which leads to normalizing your blood pressure and heartbeat as well.

2) Keep Moving:

 When we are in an angry state, our body muscles are stretched, and it creates stress. To release yourself from this state try to move your body and engage yourself in several exercises like brisk walking, cycling, running, bike riding, etc

3)Control your Triggers:

Everybody knows about their weak points which make them angry. Some people are easily angry with traffic, miss management, small conflict among friends and family, and workloads. Make yourself first recognize and keep getting out of this situation as soon as possible and assume these things in your mind are easy and controllable.

4)Make a count-down:

 An easy way to normalize yourself is to count up to 100 and work on it in every encounter to control your anger.

5) Repeat encouraging words:

 Find the words that are effective in controlling your anger such as‘’ You can do it’’, ‘’It’s OK, Relax, Keep Calm.

6)Stop Talking during an anger situation:

 When you have steamed your words out of control, it flies from your mouth and makes you angrier while you are in conversation because it never stops and continues. Zip your mouth in this situation to control your anger.

7)Write a DIARY:

 Write a diary and pour all your emotions into your words. Writing all your feelings keeps you calm all the time.

8) Watch Comedy:

 Watching comedy daily will change your thinking and cool you long-lasting. Regular watching comedy videos remind you and break your angry thoughts.

9) Talk to Loved ones:

 Do not keep your thoughts in your mind because it changes into an angry situation. Always share your difficult times with your family and friends Take Therapy: Visit a psychiatrist to discuss your problem. Take regular sessions and apply all the ways which are prescribed to you. 

10) Good Thoughts:

 Good thoughts and quality times always remember. When you are in your angry state remind things that make you happy. Daily thinking of positive and happy things weak your angry thoughts. 

11) Hobbies and Sports:

 Engage yourself in hobbies such as cooking, brewing on the internet, book reading, movies, shopping, and sports. The most effective activities which make you busy and remain in a state of normal behavior

12)  Take a breath:

 Your breath will be fast in anger. To control your anger make a deep and slow breath from your nose and mouth which leads to keeping your heartbeat normal and releasing your anger situation.

13)Play Relaxing music:

: Relaxing music helps in relaxing muscle stretch and changes your mind state. Play music in the car and after work gives you relaxation thoughts as well

14) Sleep:

Try to take normal sleep spells of 6 to 8 hours daily to make your mind in a relaxing state

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