Fish Kebabs with spinach salad:

Fish Kebabs with spinach salad

Fish kebabs with spinach salad is a healthy recipe. Spinach is excellent for iron and other essential minerals. It helps to boost the immune system and works as a natural antioxidant. Here it is combined with onion and sesame seeds, a good source of selenium, for a delicious salad, served with healthy seafood.


For a crunchy texture, replace the sesame seeds with pumpkin seeds in the spinach salad.


 Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 6—8 minutes

Calories per kebab: 247 Kcal

Fat per kebab: 4g

Of which saturated: 1.2g

Makes 4 kebabs


Tomato ketchup: 2 tbsp

Reduced salt soy sauce: 1 tbsp

Chili powder: ½ tbsp

Large cooked peeled tiger prawn tails: 20, rinsed and dried

Lemon sole fillets: 2* 350 g packets

Lime slices: 8

Lemon slices: 8

Baby spinach leaves: 225g pack

Red onion: 1 small, peeled, thinly sliced

Sesame seeds: 1—-2 tsp toasted

Seasoned rice vinegar: 1—2 tsp

Fish Kebabs with spinach salad


  1. Mix the tomato ketchup, soy sauce, and chili powder in a large bowl for the marinade. Add the prawns and coat evenly. Cover and leave for 5—10 minutes. Wash the sole fillets in cold water, cut them in lengthwise, and dry them carefully on kitchen paper.
  2. To assemble the skewers, first, place a sole fillet skinned-side up on a board and with the head end nearest to you. Place a marinated prawn at the head end, with its curved side towards you and the tail slightly overhanging the edge. Take another prawn and place it with the curved side away from you and fit closely with the first prawn. Tightly roll the fillet and thread it onto a skewer., ensuring you pass the skewer through the prawns. Place a slice of lime on a slice of lemon. And thread onto the skewer.
  3. Repeat with another fillet and citrus slices and then thread one of the remaining prawns onto the end . Repeat on three more skewers.
  4. Place the remaining ingredients into a bowl, toss gently, and set aside.
  5. Heat the grill to moderately high and line the grill pan with non-stick baking foil. Place the kebabs into the pan, brush with any remaining marinade and cook for 6–8 minutes, turning once, until the sole fillets are cooked through and prawn and pi[ing hot. Serve immediately, accompanied by the spinach salad and fresh granary bread.

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