What are the symptoms and causes of Aging?

symptoms and causes of aging

There are so many symptoms and causes of speedy aging. Aging is the gradual decline of changes in your body functions. It affects all of your physical appearance as well. Our body is made up of cells. Tissues and organs are the results of the combination of cells. Our cell growth starts at the period of conception. Due to the passage of time, the cell growth rate slows down it clearly seen in our body’s physical and functional processes. Aging affects directly seen on the skin. Wrinkles and lines appear on the skin. According to statista.com in 2020 a survey conducted by an open survey firm reports that around 60%of females in South Korea between the age of 40 to 49 use anti-aging products to reduce the aging process.

Symptoms of Aging:

While skin related problems are directly related to our lifestyle and daily routine. Everyone has their own aging rate. There are several symptoms of aging are given below:

Wrinkling on skin:

 When you crossed your 30s, your skin becomes thinner because the body can’t produce collagen which is protein. As a result, your skin because thinner and more flexible which loses stiffness and the skin shows signs of aging.

Dry skin:

 Young skin has the ability to absorb moisture. The aging process decreases the ability of the skin to absorb the maximum amount of moisture in the skin, which shows dryness and dehydration signs on the skin.

Visual and hearing impartment:

One of the main symptoms of aging is on your eyes and ears. In the eyes, the retinas have become thinner which is responsible to catch light in the eyes and lens are not clear which affects the sightedness ability, and the eardrums are thicker through which you can’t able to hear clearly.

Risk of Heart attack:

Heart muscles become less efficient to pump blood and the heart becomes thinner increasing the heart attack problem.

Pores visibility:

 Pores on the skin becomes more visible due to the skin losing its elasticity.

Uneven skin tone:

 It is generally seen that aging produces uneven skin tones. It affects the skin tone shinning due to the production of melanin pigment in certain parts of the skin. 

Bones and Joints:

Most common aging symptoms are on bones because it creates the bones thinner and stronger and joints become stiffer less formation of collagen and muscle tissue deformation is the result of this appearance.

Hair loss and white pigmentation:

Hair loss happens when the cells stop growing to form new hairs, it also affects the pigment cells in our follicles are died due to this our hairs lose their color.

Loss of memory:

 Due to the less growth of nerve cells in the brain affects your memory, things and memories are lost due to this problem.

Weight loss:

At the age of 55 in men and age 65 in females, the body loses its weight because of less formation of muscle tissues.


 Constipation is the condition in which a person faces difficulty in passing stool or waste products . This is due to a slow digestive system and less functioning of the large intestine which creates a longer time to pass a stool.

Teeth deformation:

 Aging also created problems in gums. Your gums lose their strength to keep the teeth in their position and sooner they will drop from the mouth.

Causes of Aging:

There are different factors that are the main reasons for forming the aging process more quickly. Mostly are comes from your daily life and other environmental factors. Different causes of aging are given below:

symptoms and causes of aging

Smoking Habit:

Toxins and other harmful components in cigarette create dryness and wrinkles on the skin and shows aging signs

Alcohol consumption:

Alcohol consumption affects the skin because it creates dehydration which leads to a premature aging process.

Unhealthy food:

 Researchers said that too much consumption of sugar and carbohydrates causes a speedy aging process. Try to add fruits and vegetables in your diet to slow down aging.

Less sleep cycle:

 Fewer sleep cycles make your cell growth slower with the passage of time, and may increase the high risk of premature aging.

Depression or Stress Condition:

 When you are in a stress condition, a stress hormone called cortisol is released from the brain which blocks two essential substances for the skin which are required for glowing and young skin.

Lack of Exercise:

 Without regular exercise, people over the age of 50 experience stiffness of muscles and less physical mobility in life.

Sun exposure:

A lot of Sun exposure creates skin problems in the form of wrinkles because UV rays absorb in the skin which damages the DNA of your skin and decreases the functionalities of the cells as well.


 There are very few cases in the world that show early aging signs in childhood and this condition is called progeria

Environmental Pollution:

 Pollution causes the blockage of the pores of your skin which also causes inflammation in your skin which affects your skin cells

Fatigue and Tiredness:

 When you sleep tight it helps to recover or gain freshness of your skin. Restless conditions create dullness, fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles on your skin.

Poor Hydration:

 Drink a lot of water. Water helps to flush out all your toxins and keep your skin healthy. If you don’t drink water too much it forms dryness on your skin.

Makeup intake:

 Well makeup is not directly affecting your skin but some ingredients and substances may create problems for your skin. When a person having oily skin applies makeup it blocks the pores which produces inflammation and acne problems in the skin as well

Suggestion for Reducing Aging process:

 Aging is a normal condition that everyone faces in their lives. Its a reality but some steps will help you to slow down the aging process are as follows:

Drink water too much

Regular exercise

Take a healthy balanced diet

Sleep Properly

Think positive

Avoid too much makeup

Less consumption of Alcohol

Quit Smoking

Live in a clean environment


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